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Welcome to NB Pilot Car LLC Inc.

NB Pilot Car Services LLC. rates. Prices may change without notice!

All prices are in US Dollars!!

Prices my change at any time!! Contact us for a Price Quote!

By using our NB Pilot Car, LLC. you agree to: DISCLAIMER: The high pole is just and AID to help let the driver know where to go with the load being transported. As states on all permits it is the trucking company's responsibility to know if it will clear everything along the route! The route MUST be ran before bringing any oversize / over height loads down the road. By using NB Pilot Car, LLC. you agree that everything should clear the load overhead and not damage the load being moved or any obstacles along the route. Including but not limited to: ANY lines over the roadway, Power poles, Trees and branches, Bridges, RxR Crossings, Traffic and lighting signals. NB Pilot Car, LLC. and other Pilot / Escort companies running under NB Pilot Car, LLC. are not responsible for any damages done during movement.

NB Pilot Car LLC Price List
No High Pole  
If load goes less than 200 miles: $350
Over 200 Miles: $1.75/mile
High Pole  
High Pole: If less than xxx miles in a day it will be a day rate! Excluding 16' and up! 14'6" to 14'11" $2.00/mile, If less than 200 miles $400 15'0" to 15'5" $2.50/mile, If less than 200 miles $500 15'6" to 15'11" $3.00/mile, If less than 200 miles $600 16'0" to 16'5" $3.50/mile from, If less than 250 miles $875 16'5" and up please contact us!
Other Rates  
Night Runs: If less than 200 miles $200 $2.00/mile
Super loads: Rates Vary
Daily Rates: $600
Deadhead miles: "may not apply" $0.50
Overnight / Hotel: Minimum of $75.00/night or cost of motel whichever is greater
Downtime: "after 1 hour" $25.00/hour
Directing Traffic: $35.00/hour
Directing Traffic with car: $50.00/hour
***Cancel, If car left home*** $200.00
Tolls: Price of Toll
Layovers: Overnight is not included in price. $625/day